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Well, it’s February. So far you’ve managed three days of a post-New Year detox and convinced yourself that drinking only on Wednesdays still constitutes a dry January. It’s now, rather than a month ago, that seems appropriate to cite that marketing moniker so time-honoured by the fitness industry: “It’s a New Year; time for a new you.”

The looming indulgence of Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day, mean it’s about now that we feel genuine guilt rather than that so irrepressibly bestowed upon us at the turn of the year. That felt more of a transparent lure to get you contracted with your nearest gym or wellness centre. Now you’ve had a laugh at all friends who got suckered you start to feel like they might have had a point.

And so it is that Kenwood Travel launches its Total Fitness Week. There are limitless hotels and resorts with a good gym, spa or wellness centre, but we wanted to showcase those resorts wholly dedicated to lifestyle fitness – complete programmes tailored to your needs. And you get a holiday thrown in so it’s a win-win, really.

The BodyHoliday LeSPORT, Saint Lucia

The BodyHoliday LeSPORT proudly claims: “Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind.”

This Saint Lucia beach resort is the epitome of the lifestyle fitness holiday. Its total fitness plan includes year-round events and activities designed to bring a fresh, fun and engrossing approach to your health.

Granted, soaking up the sun, sea and sand from Saint Lucia’s northwest coast will invariably help your general well being; however, The BodyHoliday uses the invigorating scenery, ample beach space, and timing of its total fitness programmes to the fullest.

Total Fitness at The BodyHoliday LeSPORT Beach and Clubhouse

WellFit Families

The BodyHoliday’s WellFit Families programme is conveniently placed in the school holidays in July and August and designed completely around the beach, the programme bears similarity to beach lifeguard training. For a week, WellFit Families spans everything from stamina and cardiovascular training, to basic sailing skills on the resort Hobie Cats, and even basic first aid and CPR. It’s a total fitness programme that culminates in a competition on the Saturday, as families are brought together to implement everything they’ve learned.

September Solos

The BodyHoliday LeSPORT receives a number of single travellers a year, indeed it’s one of the few resorts in the Caribbean to offer convenient and understandably popular singles rates on its rooms without any extra supplement. So, after the family fun of the summer, September is earmarked for the solo traveller. Bringing together elements of socialising, hosted dinners of sensational, delicious, healthy food and total fitness classes where you can meet with like-minded travellers and train together.

October Yoga

October at The BodyHoliday is yoga month. There are few techniques that open body and mind in such complete harmony as yoga. The BodyHoliday takes this one step further. The early morning session on the beach is a marvel in itself as the tropical sun rises on this magnificent island. But this programme is much more than just yoga, incorporating fully balanced diets of fresh food, and use of The BodyHoliday’s award-winning spa and wellness centre, where you will be stretched and kneaded back to health and happiness. This course caters for yoga enthusiasts of all abilities.

Pre-Christmas Restorative Break

You probably don’t want to look forward to Christmas right now, especially with all this talk of lifestyle fitness and countering your over-indulgence. You may feel differently, however, if you consider going to Saint Lucia and The BodyHoliday for a little pre-Christmas detox. The wellness centre at the resort not only runs a series of fat-burning classes and one-on-one fitness training, it also has a dedicated nutritional advice programme to help you indulge and still stay in perfect shape. It’s the perfect present to yourself.

We currently have an excellent package price for The BodyHoliday LeSPORT in Saint Lucia:

– Based on May/June travel, and two adults staying in a Luxury Room.

– Prices start from £1,679 per person for 7 nights.

– Flights with Virgin Atlantic (transfers not included).

Check back tomorrow for our next instalment of luxury resorts offering total fitness programmes.

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