Short of getting hitched in outer space, tying the knot several metres beneath sea level is perhaps one of the most unusual versions of the ceremony one could imagine. There are certainly some powerful experiences to be had underwater, which for some couples make this a rather meaningful and personal environment in which to tie the knot.

The more carefree go the whole water hog and don the traditional suit or dress, accepting the fact that they’ll be soaked through not long after scrubbing up. Carefully crafted hair will be short lived and you may want to think twice before spending too much on the bridal gown. It will, however, be all the more memorable.

Communication is another consideration. Our vocal chords are not all too effective under water and so a mixture of written signs and sign language must be used to both confirm one’s well being and express one’s commitment. A classic thumb and finger circle for “I’m OK for air” and a placard to say “I do”. Perhaps a tilted hand could cause momentary concern at this point!

Recently, two scuba enthusiasts, Chris and Janet Wright, really pushed the boat out in The Maldives whilst staying at the Centara Grand Island Resort. Their subaquatic marriage was complete with curtains, flowers and even a watery aisle, and the wedding car was replaced by a catamaran with a sail reading ‘Just Married’. Their scuba marriage review? Highly recommended!

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