From the verdant green waves of jungle to sapphire-blue seas, the Seychelles is a picture of paradise. But what is it that makes Seychelles holidays so special?

Picture lying back on a foreign shore on your first Seychelles holiday. This stretch of beach, it’s calm in the daylight hours, but now the sun dips into the ocean and paints the water pink, and like that the coast is all yours. It’s amazing how clear things are when crowds of holidaymakers disperse and leave you and your mind to ponder life. Even the ivory sands tinge a warm sunset-shade, casting a long boulder shadows across the beach: mysterious presences overlooking the land. Somewhere out there, the next land-stop in a straight line is Australia, 4000 miles away.


Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and Spa is on the doorstep of paradise.

It’s what you’ll remember most. But it’s not because Seychelles is short of other activities. Hop from island to island and soak in each of their individual personalities. Embark on a wildlife-spotting excursion, discover ancient temples and explore world heritage sites. The Seychelles islands are a collection of unspoiled wilderness sprinkled with luxury getaways. To start with, you’ve got  resorts that cater to your every need from Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and Spa’s island exploration activities to AVANI Barbarons rooftop shisha lounge. These are whole countries tucked into a gated community, complete with fine dining, swimming pools, butler services, and evening entertainment. And then there’s the cosy boutiques, little slices of heaven nestled in the jungles or overlooking the sea. A holiday to Seychelles means you’re spoiled for choice, whether you’re after barefoot chic-living at Paradise Sun, or you’d rather savour luxury cuisine around every corner, with the delicious dining options at Raffles Seychelles.


A paradise pool at Raffles Seychelles resort. Talk about a room with a view!

A paradise pool at Raffles Seychelles resort. Talk about a room with a view!

This is a land of luxury hotels on ivory beaches, mystic spas and stunning cuisine around every corner. But there’s wildlife too. Lots of it.  ‘The Galàpagos of the Indian Ocean’ is home to nesting sea turtles and giant Aldabra tortoises. There’s bird sanctuaries galore, with some of the world’s rarest species in their natural habitat. And moving from skies to seas, means you’ll discover a world of coral reefs and tropical marine life everywhere you turn.

But for now, there you are wrapped in a blanket of tropical heat and gazing at the horizon to the rhythmic sound of waves lapping against the shores. The sky, it grows from red to pink, then turns a deep purple. As time goes on, you’ll look up and see a sprinkling of stars that forming different patterns in the night sky. And the Seychelles skies are crystal clear. 


AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa is a pure treat for beach side dining.

And above, a night sky so unbelievable, a moon the size of your palm in the sky, some exotic bird cawing a big-lonely, the waves whispering a lullaby: it’s these little things that make Seychelles paradise. A Seychelles holiday whisks you from the world you know and plants you on this strange new land, this foreign planet; a mix of repose and excitement all wrapped up in this little beach-scene. And that’s what makes Seychelles magic.


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