Sri Lanka has a lot to offer the casual tourist. For starters it’s incredibly beautiful. Then there’s the fact that it’s a tropical island with all the stunning beaches, sunshine and general beatific wonders that entails. Then there’s the friendly locals, excellent native cuisine and a pretty diverse range of local cultures and languages. All of that would be enough for most people. Others, though, are just never happy, they want more, they need ancient temples, forest reserves and elephants, giant cumbersome elephants. Well, it just so happens  Sri Lanka offers all of these and a bit more too. What more could you ask for?

Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic

This wonderfully named temple is exactly what it is says in the title a temple housing someone’s tooth. It is not just any old rotten molar though it is the right canine of Buddha himself.  Unsurprisingly housing some corporeal remains of Buddha in a predominantly Buddhist culture means the temple is pretty popular with the locals and tourists alike.

Spot Wildlife in  Shinharaja Forest Reserve

Sri Lanka’s last tropical rainforest it houses more than 60 percent of Sri Lanka’s tropical species of trees and over 50 percent of its native wildlife. It is the perfect place for lovers of all thing natural and while a lot of it native inhabitants are hidden beneath the dense vegetation you should be able to spot some elephants of cheetahs if you look closely enough.

Explore Dambulla Cave Temple

The Dambulla Cave is a really impressive cave. How impressive? Very impressive. In fact, it’s a very impressive series of network of caves which make up the biggest cave temple complex in Asia.  Like so much of the area it is soaked in history, and presumably rocks. One of the caves boasts some 1,500 painting and frescos of Buddha while statues and other interesting tidbits abound.

Visit the Elephant Transit Home

The home was established in 1995 and opened in 2003 its primary aim is to rehabilitate orphaned elephants and ease them back in to the wild. It is currently home to more than 30 parentless elephants and visitors can come and watch them being fed by specifically trained members of staff. No interaction between man and tourist is allowed however.
So there’s a few things to do while on holiday in Sri Lanka, although it’s really just a start.

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