With its immaculate beaches, romantic restaurants and blockbuster sunsets, the beautiful Spanish island of Majorca is one big love nest. Where better to stage the new series of hit dating show, Love Island? It’s no secret the show is set somewhere on Majorca, but where exactly is the Love Island villa 2019? Step forward Kenwood Travel’s destination Spain specialists…

Reports suggest that ITV2 are housing the islanders in the same villa as the Love Island 2018 series, albeit with a few spruce-ups and refits. We did a bit of detective work to uncover its whereabouts, and can now reveal the 2019 Love Island villa location is… at the end of a dusty track near Sant Llorenc des Cardassar in eastern Majorca. Sorry, the exact address has been withheld from the public. So for any readers asking ‘can you book the Love island villa?’, there’s your answer. This is an area well known for its rugged mountain backdrops and beachy coves though, and it is home to some stunning resorts every bit as glam as the villa on Love island. And for fans of the show looking for a loved-up escape of their own, we wanted to get you as close – both geographically and spiritually – to the villa as possible.

It’s time to couple up in your own Balearic idyll with Kenwood travel’s Love Island villas 2019. Camera crew optional.

Park Hyatt Majorca

Distance from Love Island villa: 11.4 miles
Close enough to hear lovelorn Love Island contestants hint for the hundredth time that they just want to meet ‘someone they can build a real connection with’, this love nest is a mere 15-minute drive from the actual Love Island villa. You’ll practically be breathing the same air as the Islanders. As the nearest luxury resort to the Love Island villa, Park Hyatt Majorca is a great option for superfans who want to be as close to the drama as they can.

Love Island villa vibe rating: 9/10
With its traditional stonework exteriors and multi-level three-pool setup, Park Hyatt’s hill-village look-and-feel recalls the authentic architecture of the Love Island villa. So the vibe is pretty similar, albeit it on a larger scale. This means more space to enjoy the resort’s over-sized rooms (even the entry-level King Room is 50sqm with a 10sqm private terrace), eclectic a la carte restaurants and excellent spa. The spa, by the way, has two couples’ treatment rooms for added love-island style romance.

The hill-town style and setting of Park Hyatt Majorca

The hill-village style and setting of Park Hyatt Majorca

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa

Distance from Love Island villa: 53 miles
Sadly, even the whoops and shrieks of the Love Islanders’ poolside horseplay wouldn’t reach you here. But at least you’d be on the same island. Which is nice. Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa is found on Majorca’s sun-drenched west coast, so it’s handier for the airport and for visiting local points of interest. Pop into historic villages like Deia and Valderossa for scenic date nights away from the resort, and explore island capital Palma for a spot of city sightseeing.

Love Island villa vibe rating: 7/10
What it lacks in heritage-stone exteriors, it makes up for in contemporary cool. Very Love Island Villa with its on-trend interior accents, design motifs and colour palette. A dramatic clifftop position overlooking the glistening Mediterranean coast offers a relaxing and picturesque setting. Where better to wile away the afternoon whispering sweet nothings?

Jumeirah Port Soller majorca

The effortless cool of cliffside Jumeirah Port Soller Resort & Spa

ME Ibiza

Distance from Love Island villa: 122 miles
It’s a bit of a trek from the real Love Island Villa to be fair. And it might involve trains, planes and automobiles (and maybe a ferry). But this haven of hedonism shares a Balearic sea setting with Majorca, and as such an unmistakeable air of Love Island attitude.

Love Island villa vibe rating: 8.5/10
Sumptuous portico day beds, rooftop bars & Michelin-starred cocktails, a 360° view contemporary spa, neighbouring daytime beach club with the hottest DJs and live acts, luxurious private-pool suites. So far, so Love Island. The it-crowd style and aesthetics of ME Ibiza have a lot in common with the Love Island villa vibe. 

ME Ibiza pool

Soak up the sun by the pool like the cast, at ME Ibiza. 

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Maldives

Distance from Love Island villa: 5,025 miles
It’s half way round the world, but boy is it worth it.  Welcome to Maldives in the Indian Ocean; a holiday destination you’ll really hit it off with. This is where the Love Islanders wish their summer of love was taking place.

Love Island villa vibe rating: 8/10
No talk of holiday villas could ever be complete without mentioning the home of luxury accommodation: the Maldives. The famous water villas unique to the resorts of this island chain are some of world travel’s most romantic abodes. They’re just perfect for coupling up in like a proper Love Islander. With all the intimacy of the infamous Love Island ‘den’, but much more to offer in terms of scenic sea views and luxury amenities, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu’s water villas – arranged around an iconic leaf-shaped jetty – are the essence of romantic escape.

Maldives villa resort

World travel’s most romantic villas are in the Maldives.  

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