If you were a chef, where would you choose to dine out? If your job was hairdressing, who’d do your do? Ever wondered where travel pros go on holiday?

Knowing what they know about world travel’s most desirable locations and trendiest hotspots, Kenwood Travel’s destination specialists hold the cards when it comes to making informed holiday decisions. But don’t worry; they don’t keep their cards close to their chest.

On the contrary, they love to share their travel experience. The best way to tap them up for this know-how is over the phone. Our bustling call centre here in London is open seven days a week, and we’re ready to take your call on 020 7749 9220 to talk shop about the holiday that’s right for you.

From Florida fly drives and New York shopping trips to Maldives fly-and-flop breaks and getting off the beaten track in Vietnam, ask our friendly team for their recommendations and book your holiday in confidence with a real travel professional.

No time for a chat? There’s as much travel expertise available on our website as there is in our call centre. Visit us online for scintillating travel deals alongside specialist booking support, personally handcrafted by our experts to bring the art of escape to your getaway.

We sat down with five members of our award-winning travel team to get the low-down on some of the places they’ve visited so far in 2018. See what Les, Angela, Nilash, Georgi and Melisa made of Grenada, Las Vegas, Mauritius, Dubai and Saint Lucia respectively.

Hotels with celebrity chefs


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