Everyone deserves a holiday, including our favourite Disney friends. While many of us would love to live in underwater palaces, a circus or even the Magic Kingdom Castle at Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, it’s nice to get away every now and again. At Kenwood Travel, we want to be able to give all of our customers the best holiday, which is why we have compiled a list of suggestions, should these Disney characters need a travel expert.

A Trip to Porto’s Literary Hotspots for Belle

Book-lovers like Belle can tour some of Porto’s top literary hotspots

For our book-loving princess, we’d recommend a holiday to Porto, Portugal. Belle will feel right at home here, as there are many fascinating bookstores and libraries around the historic city. Café Candelabro is a great spot to spend the morning with a cup of coffee and a book in hand. The café also happens to be both a library and bookshop too, so when Belle is done reading her book, she can always pick up another one. The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art is also a must-visit, especially since they also have a famous library and bookstore. Here at Kenwood Travel, we’d recommend that Belle stay at The Yeatman Hotel, located in the city’s centre.

Shopping in Paris for Minnie Mouse

A shopping spree in the city of love for Minnie Mouse

Ohh la la. Our favourite Disney fashionista, Minnie Mouse would definitely love to spend her holiday roaming around the city of love. Her go-to Paris spot would be the ultimate shopping district, the Champs Elysees. From designer handbags to contour outfits, this little mouse will have the time of her life. After a day of shopping, Minnie and her beau Mickey can take a romantic stroll along the cobble streets and watch the Eiffel Tower lighting display.

Summer Holidays in St Lucia for Olaf

A trip to St. Lucia for Disney’s favourite snowman

The summer-loving Olaf could book a holiday to the ultimate tropical paradise. A destination like St. Lucia is perfect for snowmen doing whatever a they to do in summer (providing they remember their snow cloud from Elsa). Whether it’s sunbathing on the warm sand, sipping on a refreshing cold drink or taking a dip in the pristine ocean, Olaf will be a happy snow creature on his St. Lucia holiday. In fact, if Olaf uses one of our travel experts, he could stay in one of the many resorts we have to offer. Our choice for him? The Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa.

Snorkelling in the Maldives for Ariel

Ariel could meet some new fishy friends on her holiday to the Maldives

Going snorkelling in the Maldives will be a great way for Disney’s favourite mermaid, Ariel, to meet new fishy friends. In fact, she could even learn how to scuba dive and dive deep down into the ocean to find some thingamabobs. The Maldives is widely known for its marine life, so it’s the perfect place for former mermaids, or those inspiring to become one. At Kenwood Travel, our experts would suggest staying at the mer-mazing Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu during a holiday to the Maldives.

Road Trip on Route 66 for Lightning McQueen

Road trippin’ down Route 66 for Lightning McQueen

Disney’s speed racer Lightning McQueen wouldn’t settle for anything less than a good old-fashioned drive during their holiday. Which is why a road trip down Route 66 is the ideal holiday for him. At Kenwood Travel we offer fly-drive USA tours with 15 nights across the route’s famous cities. These including nights in Chicago, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. With a guided tour, Lightning McQueen and his friends can cruise down the iconic highway, and snooze at some top hotels.

Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour for Dumbo

A flight tour across the Grand Canyon for Disney’s flying elephant

The thing about being a flying elephant is that you can travel wherever you fancy. For something with a scenic route, Dumbo can use his time off to fly over the majestic Grand Canyon. Starting from Las Vegas, Dumbo can join fellow tourists, or rather, ride alongside their Helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. Before setting off on the trip, the big-eared elephant can stay the night at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, as tours tend to start very early. Shuttles to the Grand Canyon tour can pick him up right outside the hotel, and take him to the start of the flight tour.

Spa Getaway for Cinderella

A spa trip to Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray for Cinderella

Disney’s ultimate princess, Cinderella, deserves a pamper-filled getaway. Who can blame her? After spending most of her life following orders from her step mothers and sisters, and cleaning their chalet from top to bottom, she absolutely deserves it. We recommend the princess should book a holiday to Dubai, the luxury capital. Now that she’s married Prince Charming she can live like royalty at the Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

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