Exploring Oman is like going through the pages of a book with the history of the earth written on it. It’s a country with a geological heritage like no other, a place where you can find rocks over five hundred million years old, ancient mountain ranges, endless stretches of dunes, or the singular geodes – beautiful hollow rocks stuffed with crystals.

So, Oman holidays don’t have to be only about sun, beach, luxurious resorts and exclusive trips to the desert. Nothing wrong with this type of tourism, of course, but it’s an option that can be complemented with geological wonders sightseeing.

Promoting this kind of tourism is something the Sultanate of Oman is very keen of. On March 21 tourism minister Ahmed bin Nasser al Mehzir launched a documentary with the title of Wonders of Geology in Oman released by the Geological Society of Oman (GSO.)

The 24 minute film revisits the country’s landscapes, it highlights the dramatic differences between places and provides valuable information about geological hotspots.

“It aims basically to give a guide to tourists, either Omanis or from outside, to important geological sites in Oman and where to find them,” said Dr. Mohammed Al Kindi, executive director of the GSO.

A guide with GPS localisations to help exploring the Sultanate’s sites was also launched during the ceremony.

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