South Africa is a unique holiday destination. Its countless attractions are so varied, you’re just as likely to bump into a beach bum as a sommelier on your South Africa trip. From the peaks of the mighty Mafadi to the meandering Orange River, Africa’s southernmost country is awash with variety for fly-and-flop fans, safari seekers and everyone in between. For the travelling adrenalin junkie though, few places on earth promise as many thrills. And one of them is the biggest of all; step forward the Bloukrans Bridge Bungee jump.

At a head-spinning, spine-tingling, heart-racing 216 metres above terra firma the Bloukrans Bridge Bungee is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. (To put that in perspective, Central London’s The Gherkin building is 180 metres tall.) You’ll find it, if you’re crazy enough, on the Bloukrans Bridge on Highway N2 in the Tsitsikamma region of South Africa’s beautiful Garden Route region.

Wanna be a record breaker?

As you’d expect for the world’s tallest bungee jump, Bloukrans Bridge has garnered its fair share of Guinness World Records since it first sprang into life in 1997:

Rush hour In 2002, dare-devil Veronica Dean-Boshoff set a new Guinness World Record for the most jumps in an hour: 19. That’s one every three minutes.

Leap of faith A young-at-heart Mr Mohr Keet became the oldest ever bungee jumper when he fearlessly leapt from the Bloukrans Bridge aged 96 in 2010.

Good air day Raising money for local communities, Scott Huntly smashed the most bungee jumps in a day record when he completed 107 jumps in just nine hours.

Fun facts

But for the budding fall guys and girls among you who perhaps are still a little sceptical about diving into the unknown from a platform teetering one quarter of a kilometre above the ground, here are the facts you need to know about the Bloukrans Bridge Bungee jump. Settle those nerves as you bid to take your South Africa holiday to the next level:

Face the music Face Adrenalin company has operated The Bloukrans Bridge Bungee jump since 1997, and has a 100% accident-free track record.

Sky-high stars It’s got the celebrity seal of approval: Prince Harry, Jack Osbourne and pro-surfer Kelly Slater have all taken the plunge.

Sit back and relax? State-of-the-art pendulum technology is used to provide the smoothest and most comfortable jump.

Safety first As they hurtle through the air at vertical G-force, it’s good to know that as well as a full-body harness, jumpers are also secured with an ankle connection.

X-perience it all The bridge platform is 216 metres up. Depending on your weight, you’ll experience on average 160 metres of this distance which means you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Suspend your disbelief Since World War 1, bungee cords and their associated technology have been incorporated to supply certain aircraft undercarriages with lightweight suspension.

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