</ br>It’s been all over the news last year, the great Egyptian Revolution. The people of Egypt finally got rid of the dictator Hosni Mubarak who’d spent way too much time in office, but the struggle towards freedom continues…

…Which is not to say that Egypt as such is a no-no for tourists of all sorts. Among all the turmoil, there’s at least one place awaiting those who want to safely visit Egypt at this historic moment.

Its name is Sharm el Sheikh, and come spring time it will be the holiday destination of choice. The resort will become the world’s central oasis of inner tranquillity and harmony: the 5th International Yoga Festival takes place in Sharm el Sheikh on 26 April – 1 May.  Given the importance of last year’s revolutionary events, the festival’s theme for 2012 is “Egypt Back to Freedom”. The dual meaning comes from Kaivalya (Freedom), which is the highest goal of yoga, and of course the freedom of the people of Egypt.

Two main things to have in mind about yoga: 1) yoga is powerful enough to improve one’s physical and mental health; 2) yoga is for everyone.  That means you can do yoga, you really can! Its calming effects are much needed in our stressful daily lives – yoga can normalise our sleeping patterns, stimulate energy in our bodies, relieve back pain and generally calm us so we are ready to face a brand new day.

Are you convinced but don’t know where to start? Well, the International Yoga Festival in Sharm el Sheikh may actually be the best opportunity to do it. See, it’s not only the yoga part that will help you get rid of stress the secret killer – it’s also the charm of the location, too. Like this:

And this:

It’s probably not an accident that a major yoga festival is being held here, because Sharm el Sheikh and yoga seem to be partners in pleasure. With its dramatic setting on the Red Sea coast and welcoming temperatures all year round, Sharm el Sheikh is probably Egypt’s most famous holiday resort. Stay at one of the amazing hotels in the area to explore all it has to offer: start with desert safari, continue with yachting and close with casino… Only to start again in the morning!

But back to yoga again. The festival’s organisers say that now is the time of “New beginnings, new opportunities for prosperity and growth.” We can only agree. And add that this is also the time for new horizons to be discovered, new trips to be taken and new experiences to be lived.

(A tip before you start packing for your next holiday in Egypt (Kenwood Travel is your best bet!): visit the Eternal Egypt website. It has all the things you want to know about Egypt’s thousands-of-years-long and incredibly rich history.)

Right, knowledge, TICK! Now, let the holiday begin. Sharm el Sheikh, here we go!

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