As part of their advertising campaign, Mandarin Oriental Hotels enlist the services of big name celebrities to declare they are ‘a fan’ of the brand. In a recent ad, velvet-voiced actor Morgan Freeman was photographed at the Mandarin Oriental New York displaying his loyalty. He’s also reputedly rather partial to an overnight or two at Mandarin Oriental Hydepark where, he is quoted as saying, ‘Quiet means quiet.’ (Must be nice in London’s Zone 1, eh?) Other notable A-Listers who have been drafted in to endorse Mandarin Oriental include Dame Helen Mirren, Liam Neeson, Kevin Spacey, Harry Connick Junior and Christian Louboutin.

Now, it would be easy, upon first hearing about this promotion, to sneer cynically at these celebs who clearly merely have dollar signs in their eyes; who’ve ‘sold out’. But this would be jumping the gun somewhat. You see, the pay off for these stars actually takes the form of a charity donation made by the hotel on their behalf. How cool is that? Mr Freeman’s charity was St Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis.

Undoubtedly stylish and luxurious, Mandarin Oriental can now firmly add philanthropic to its list of excellent traits, making its hotels even more desirable to guests. We’re big fans of the Mandarin Oriental New York, and proud to partner their efforts in providing world-class holidays. We think you’ll love it too, so we’ve lined up this rather special offer:

Mandarin Oriental New York – Travel between July and August 2014 and receive one free night. (Minimum of three night’s stay required.) Call one of our travel consultants for more details today:  020 7749 9220


Mandarin Oriental: A charitable outlook

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