Discover which Caribbean island suits you best in our Caribbean personality quiz. The Caribbean is more than a collection of sandy shores and verdant jungles. It’s a living, breathing party of personalities each with their own look and style. Nobody can group the rhythmic motions of Jamaica, the history of St Vincent & The Grenadines and Cuba’s rustic slice of old-time-life beneath the same umbrella. Take our quiz to find out which Caribbean personality you are, and remember to answer honestly for the best result!

You’re stranded on a desert island. What single item do you have?

  1. A good book
  2. A camera
  3. A map
  4. A bottle of rum
  5. A guitar.

It’s the end of the world. What’s the last thing you do?

  1. Relax in the final hours of sunlight.
  2. Explore ways to survive the apocalypse.
  3. Spend as much time with others as possible.
  4. Go out in style and have a doomsday party.
  5. Chill out on your own to some groovy tunes.

You’re at a library. What’s the first area you head towards?

  1. Periodical dramas.
  2. Romantic epics.
  3. Political thrillers.
  4. Light-hearted comedies.
  5. You go to the record store next door instead.

What’s your ideal holiday?

  1. Exploring history and relaxing.
  2. Going on an adventure.
  3. Experiencing a different culture.
  4. Dancing with the locals.
  5. Chilling with great food, ambience and music.


What answer did you pick the most?

Mostly 1 | Mostly 2 | Mostly 3 | Mostly 4 | Mostly 5

You are Barbados

yoga red Photo Credit Peter Aldrich

If you share a Caribbean personality with Barbados, you’re all about colour. Never one to be pushed around, you’re a fun-loving soul at the best of times. If you like to party in the streets without taking it too far, converse with the locals and boogie on the shore, then Barbados is for you. You’ll have an outgoing personality; one that’s as generous and kind as it is bold and endearing. No party is complete without a Bajan, and this is where you come in. Even your downtime is best spent with close friends, so take those wing(wo)men with you for a sunbathing sesh on the gorgeous Bajan shores. Back to quiz | Barbados hotels.

You are Antiguaant 231 jetty at curtain bluff

Antigua is the sophisticated soulmate for artists and relaxation seekers alike. This is a laid-back wonderland filled with stunning shorelines and crystal clear waters. Think of a laid back bohemian atmosphere where culture blends with tranquillity. If your Caribbean personality is anything like Antigua, there’s nothing better than relaxing on a stretch of golden sands with a good book, followed by a sightseeing tour of Admiral Nelson’s dockyard. Whether it’s with literature or latte, the old pirate haunts fascinate you. And in Antigua, there’s plenty. Back to quiz. | Antigua hotels.

You are Jamaica

Jamaica has some of the best resorts in the Caribbean for families.

If you’re anything like Jamaica, you have a huge soul. You’re the cool one. Where others might be after a spot of calm beach-side relaxation, or cultural tours, you’re all about having fun. And in Jamaica, fun comes in many forms; whether you want to water-ski, surf, or dance with the locals, Jamaica has you covered. This Caribbean personality is as hip as they come, so if you’re Jamaica, grab the sunglasses, grow out the dreads and get groovy with the reggae. Or bring your friends and explore the scenery that’s abound throughout the island. We’re talking mangroves, beaches, jungles and more. Back to quiz. | Jamaica hotels.

You are Saint Lucia

Gorgeous and playful - St Lucia is the princess Caribbean personality.

Saint Lucia is called the Helen of the West Indies for a reason. If you and this island possess a similar Caribbean personality, it’s because you’re both after the spotlight, and maybe for good reason; the scenery throughout St. Lucia is so beautiful it defines picture-perfect. You’re the posers and models of the Caribbean, yet despite this beauty you still have the same warmth and charm as your cohorts. With the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival leading the Caribbean’s musical events, as well as adventurous activities from hill walking to zip-lining, St Lucia isn’t just a pretty face either. On top of this, there’s nothing that says a fiery heart than La Soufriere: the world’s only drive-in volcano. Talk about a heated temperament! But don’t worry, because the azure seas Caribbean seas lapping against St Lucia’s coastline means you cool down fast. Back to quiz. | Saint Lucia hotels.

You are Cuba

cuba 1

Cuba is a gentle breeze of history combined with a preserved slice of nature. Although you’re less adventurous than the other islands on our list, you’re packed with as much beauty and backstory as the best of them. If you have the personality of Cuba, you’re all about fun, friendliness and community. You might enjoy reminiscing about the past, but you’re not stuck there. Like Cuba, you’re moving forward with the times, albeit somewhat cautiously. Besides, that preserved nature is part of your charm. Back to quiz. | Cuba hotels.


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