You’ve all heard about Mauritius: a dreamlike island strung like a pearl across the Indian Ocean; a buzzing multi-cultural hub; a lush landscape teeming with wildlife and scalloped with white-sand beaches. And we’ve got news for you: it’s all true. Every single word. But trust us on this one! You don’t want to visit Mauritius, and we’ll tell you why:

4. You’ll change your opinion on beaches altogether

Mauritius will pluck your idea of the perfect beach scene from the depths of your imagination, replicate it in real life, and then surpass it. Tenfold.  From the lively Grand Baie, to the palm-tree-lined Trou aux Biches, or the surreal snow-white sands of Île aux Cerfs, Mauritius beaches truly are some of the best in the world. Try your hand at sailing and jet skiing at Belle Mare Plage, get a close look at Blue Bay’s underwater marine park, go dolphin spotting at Tamarin, or snap a selfie with Le Morne’s magical mountain backdrop. The beachy possibilities are both enticing and endless. The problem is, they have the potential to make your next coastal escape (however amazing) look sort of average.

Mauritius 2020

Trou aux Biches

3. You might make too many new friends

Mauritius has many outstanding features, but one of its finest has to be its people. A diverse melting pot of various races, cultures, religions, and influences, Mauritius still manages to feel peaceful and harmonious. Mauritians are generally known for their joie de vivre and laidback mentality (rain is called ‘liquid sunshine’ over there…). Not only that, but you’ll find English is fairly commonly spoken, and that the universally understood languages of music, food, and enthusiastic gesturing/smiling go a long way. In fact, the local people of Mauritius are typically so polite, welcoming, and hospitable, that you might even make too many friends. And who really has time for that?

Mauritius 2020

Friendly vendor at Blue Bay

2. There’s too much to see and do in one go

This emerald isle is practically bubbling over with enticing activities, cultural attractions, and knee-weakening landscapes just waiting to be discovered. See a dodo skeleton at the Natural History Museum in Port Louis, go off-roading at Domaine de L’ Étoile, visit a series of multi-coloured temples, or  get a glimpse of local life in Mahebourg. We guarantee it’ll be love at first sight, so one trip simply won’t be enough for you. What makes matters worse, with its location just 20 degrees south of the equator, Mauritius is a year-round destination. That means you’ll be tempted to return…all the time. This could be very disruptive to life as you knew it pre-Mauritius.

Mauritius 2020

Grand Baie Temple of Shiva

1. You’ll go home absolutely spoilt

Take a stay at the luxurious Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, for example. You’ll be blown away by the deluxe amenities and level of dedication to guests. How are you expected to return to normal life after experiencing gourmet cuisine delivered straight to your ocean-facing room at any hour of the day? Where will you be without laundry, valet, and maid services? Expect major withdrawal symptoms and fits of daydreaming about the idyllic waters of Trou d’Eau Douce Bay, the soothing massages at CHI The Spa, and smorgasbord of chef-prepared delights on the menu at Le Touessrok. It may be a shock to the system when the royal treatment doesn’t follow you home.

Mauritius 2020

Shangri La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa

Just in case you can’t resist…

We did try to warn you, but if you insist on visiting the paradise on earth that is Mauritius, we can’t really blame you. Luckily our extremely experienced Indian Ocean specialists are on hand to help with any queries you might have. To speak to someone who has been there personally, call 020 7749 9241, or simply visit the Kenwood Travel website to browse all of our Mauritius hotels.

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