Where can you find monarchs, bandits, spies, Jedi and dragons all in one place? Let’s put it this way: Dubrovnik in Croatia hosted an exciting array of worlds recently from Sherwood Forest stand-ins to Game of Thrones filming locations. Thanks to its historical beauty, cobbled roads, ancient buildings and welcoming locals, the city is now Hollywood’s newest filming location of choice. And with more big-name blockbusters taking to the streets this year, your next favourite film may be among them. 

Scroll below to discover movies and television shows recently filmed (or in the process of filming) in and around the city.  Make sure to catch each one of these gems on the silver screen. And afterwards, take an unforgettable Dubrovnik holiday and walk the sets yourself. Here’s our top five movies that you didn’t know were filmed in Dubrovnik. 

1. Robin Hood

Leonardo DiCaprio takes the helm on this one as producer, and he’s overseeing what’s said to be the most exciting Robin Hood film in the last sixty years. Going head-to-head with some huge titles (listed below), Robin Hood uses Dubrovnik for what director Otto Bathurst describes as ‘A destination resembling medieval Nottingham.’ He’s not wrong, because Dubrovnik’s ancient city streets and classical buildings beautifully reflect an architectural time capsule. Film-wise, Robin Hood’s plot line will be ‘different from anything that’s come before,’ so it’s worth looking out for. To make the most of a Robin-Hood inspired holiday to Dubrovnik, Grand Villa Argentina makes you feel like you’re living in an upscale version of Nottingham Castle. 

FUN FACT:  The new Robin Hood stars Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx and Tim Minchin. 


2. Emerald City

Emerald City is a bit different. Think ‘Wizard of Oz’ sprinkled with the dark subject matter of Game of Thrones. The story follows Dorothy Gale after a tornado blows her away, and as expected, takes her to our beloved land of Oz. Except darker, because there’s a disastrous event coming that the locals call ‘The Beast Forever.’ Throw in a wacky entourage which includes witches, an amnesiac soldier, a peculiar child and more, and you’ve got yourself Emerald City.  NBC travelled the globe in search of perfect filming locations for this one, and Dubrovnik won it. Regardless of whether magic is real or not, Dubrovnik continues to prove itself as an enchanted city. Follow the yellow brick road! Or live your own Dubrovnik fairy tale at Hotel Bellevue

TOP TIP: Watch this one if you’re into fantasy. Even if you’re not a Game of Thrones and Wizard of Oz fan, the combination of the two might be your thing.


3. Game of Thrones

So where is Game of Thrones filmed? Spoilers ahead, because your answer is here: It’s a well known fact that Dubrovnik stood in for King’s Landing in the gruesome political-fantasy epic, and you can see why. The sun-soaked Mediterranean style city draws huge inspiration from the area, and it’s only emphasised by the superb scenery throughout the town making Dubrovnik the most memorable of the Game of Thrones locations. Younger readers should avoid this one. Scenes taking place in Dubrovnik involve murder, nudity, war and more monstrosities we can’t describe without feeling faint, but it’s okay. They’re saved by the city’s exuberant beauty. Luckily you can enjoy the beauty of Dubrovnik without the blood and guts when you stay at the Sun Gardens. Summer is coming.

WHAT WE LOVED: Game of Thrones season 7’s trailer has just been released. Need we say more? That final scene gave us shivers. 

4. James Bond

This one’s just a rumour, but it’s a big rumour. The James Bond team recently entered advanced talks to secure Dubrovnik as a filming location, and they’ve already confirmed 007 has his sights set on Croatia for his next outing. Bond films are loved for their spectacular filming backdrops, which ranged from Thailand to Portugal, and in terms of jaw-dropping scenery, sophisticated establishments and memorable backdrops, Dubrovnik ticks all the boxes. Let’s face it, we could all imagine Bond sipping on his martini in a five-star hotel like Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.

FUN FACT: Daniel Craig has become the second longest-serving actor to play James Bond.


5. Star Wars The Last Jedi

Over the last year, blasters, landspeeders, and stormtroopers hit the streets of Dubrovnik. Don’t worry – it’s only the Star Wars crew. Love it or hate it, Star Wars is unavoidable, and the next installment of the galactic epic, ominously titled ‘The Last Jedi,’ showcases a number of jaw-dropping locations across the universe. What we know is the streets of Dubrovnik now sport a space-age makeover, with blast doors, high-tech gadgets and more adorning the city’s historical centre. With a release date set for December 2017, Star Wars presents us with another reason to anticipate Christmas. If you book Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik, you’ll be able to stroll straight from the hotel into another world. And who knows: maybe the exciting set enhancements will still be around to explore. Let’s go.

WHAT WE LOVED: There’s an explosive Dubrovnik scene with space-age doors juxtaposed against the beautifully ancient city streets. 


Want to walk the film sets? Great! Live the life of Bond (and hopefully not a Game of Thrones character) at one of Dubrovnik’s luxury hotels here. And if you want to see more travel shots of beautiful destinations around the world, check out our Instagram account here.  

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