Would you go to a festival where they screen films called Machete Maidens Unleashed!, Hobo With a Shotgun or Atomic Brain Invasion?… Me too.


It sounds like the kind of stuff they used to program at the old Scala cinema in London King’s Cross around two decades ago, but these titles are taken from the last edition of a film festival in Boston.

The Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF) is ready to deliver more insane creations at this year’s edition – to take place in late March 2012 at the iconic Brattle Theatre and arthouse hub Kendall Square Cinema in downtown Boston. It’s too late for filmakers if they want to submit their sick movies to the festival – the only one to award a demonic, vibrating bunny – but for us, aficionados of the bizarre, there is still time to book a holiday break in Boston and witness this celebration of the weird.

Surviving 14 editions is already a triumph, but if you do it with coherence, you must be a genius . As the organisation shows on their website, the BUFF “was birthed from the filthy brain of founder David Kleirer way back in 1988.” A brain designed for success too, we can assume – at least amongst the toxic-est layers of society.

So if you like rare movies, experimental video and demential animation, you have been informed: BUFF is the festival, Boston the place.

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