An island quite unlike its sun-soaked rivals, Saint Lucia offers everything you could dream of on a Caribbean holiday and more, much more. Of course, we wouldn’t just say that without supplying some evidence. So we sent Kenwood Travel’s resident talking head Robyn to Saint Lucia to check out the island’s BSP’s. Here are her videos:


As you can see on this video of Saint Lucia, the girl certainly enjoys her beach time. But she gets up to much more.

The zip line adventure is at Babonneau. Jumping with ropes doesn’t seem that scary, to be honest. What is frightening, though, is the feeling of having a dinosaur looming in the background. I mean, have you seen how green and dense the rainforest is? It could easily be the setting for Jurassic Park.

And what’s with that name? Some say that Babonneau comes from the French barre-bonne-eau, which can be translated as ‘the ridge where there is good water’. We’re happy with any meaning, actually, as long as it doesn’t contain the word T-Rex.

To enjoy freshly-picked coconut and exotic honey suckles, head for the Lushan Country Life Tour, an instructive and fun activity that includes garden and forest trails, visits to medicinal and herbal gardens and bird watching at its best. In fact, this bird sanctuary is home to around 27 species. And if you want us to drop some more numbers, let’s say there are over 130 signs scattered around the trail with valuable information for those into wildlife and, what’s even better, over 134 plant species including mango, cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, carambola and cashew nuts – practically, an outdoor and slightly more chaotic version of Waitrose’s fruit department.

After all this adventure and nature-related stuff, Robyn paid a visit to the famous Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. If this gig looks better and more fun than your average ‘evening entertainment’ at your typical luxury resort, it’s because we’re talking about the Caribbean’s premier cultural event, no less. With over 50 world-acclaimed entertainers and artisans, the festival takes place between April and May, and it’s set against the iconic and historic backdrop of the Pigeon Island National Landmark , as well as other spectacular vistas across the island.

Another day, another adventure in Saint Lucia. Robyn goes south, and there she finds Soufriere, a quiet little town with a surprise: a drive-in volcano. The Sulphur Springs Parks is a geological marvel where you can enjoy spa-treatments to the extreme. It works wonders for your skin, we’ve learned.

You’ll be glad to know that Saint Lucia’s most famous landmark, the Pitons, is not just a place to take pictures of from afar. Hikers and mountain climbers know that this Unesco World Heritage Site is the closest thing to heaven you will find this side of the Pearly Gates. A great way to explore the area is walking the Tet Paul Nature Trail, nestled on six acres of lush land in the farming community of Chateau Belair. The hike is not too hard and you should complete it within 45 minutes. We cannot recommend it enough, since it offers some of the most spectacular views of the south of the island, including the Jalousie Bay, Petit Piton and Gros Piton. On clear days, you can even make out Martinique and St. Vincent on the horizon.

Finally, when it comes to activities and entertainment for the little ones, Saint Lucia has plenty to offer. Here is an interview with Nasha, who works at the kids’ club in Coconut Bay Resort & Spa:

If you have enjoyed these videos and want to see for yourself what the fuss is all about, check out our Saint Lucia holidays page.

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