Wildlife holidays are the new beach-break. And is there anything more magical than taking a nature-spotting trip to the Far East? Seeing creatures big and small in their natural habitat is a magical experience, but this is often easier said than done. Luckily, YTL’s Far East portfolio features properties from Malaysia to Bali that cater to those seeking a glimpse of the world’s wild side. Browse below for the four best places to catch mother nature’s marvelous creations from orangutans to octopus whilst staying at a luxurious YTL Hotel.

Spa Village Resort Tembok: Balinese long-tailed monkeys

Monkey Forest sanctuary features temples, jungles, and, of course, monkeys. It’s one of Bali’s must see sights.

Bali: Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination is an island of two halves. On one side, you have wild beach parties, sun-kissed shores, cheap drinking establishments and wild nights you’ll never remember. On the other, there’s volcanoes, ancient rainforests, undiscovered shorelines and a host of exciting (and in this case, mischievous) wildlife. Staying at Spa Village Resort Tembok in Bali gives you the best of the latter, taking you away to a serene spot on Bali’s north coast.

Guests staying at Spa Village Tembok on their Bali holiday can’t go without visiting the island’s sacred Monkey Forest sanctuary. The trip takes a few hours driving through some of the island’s most awe-inspiring scenery from endless paddy fields to lush jungles to volcanic mountains. Once there, you’ll explore a protected rainforest sprinkled with temples, statues, lagoons, and, you guessed it, monkeys! The sanctuary boasts over 700 Balinese long-tailed monkeys, 186 species of tree, and more living alongside one of Bali’s most impressive sights. 

Pangkor Laut Resort: Island Life

Wildlife holidays to Pangjor Laut Resort

From octupus to sea eagles, wildlife holidays to Pangkor Laut offer guests a wealth of nature

Let’s start by talking about Pangkor Laut’s rainforest because this is as old as it gets: Pangkor Laut Resort‘s idyllic surroundings are said to be ‘two million years in the making’. Set along the straits of Malacca, three miles off the West Coast of Malaysia, this peaceful getaway features overwater villas, luxury suites and more that truly captures a tropical-island experience. 

Wildlife holidays to Pangkor Laut take holidaymakers to a haven of tropical jungle life: the resort is known for going out of its way preserve the numerous island nature trails which can be explored with the resident naturalist. Keep your eyes peeled for the adorable otters and the long-tailed macaques, and look to the skies to see oriental pied hornbills perch in the branches above, while white-bellied sea eagles soar overhead. There’s no better place to explore a tropical world of wildlife on your holiday to Malaysia. 

Gaya Island Resort: Proboscis Monkeys

Wildlife holidays to Gaya Island Resort

Who you calling funny lookin’? Proboscis monkeys are beautiful in their own way – and can easily be sighted when staying at Gaya Island Resort.

Set on Pulau Gaya, a tropical paradise off Malaysian Borneo’s West Coast, Gaya Island Resort is a ‘walking resort’ tucked amid protected mangroves and sandy bays. Welcome to the ultimate wildlife haunt. This YTL resort offers guests the best wildlife and conservation experiences on their Borneo holidayboth in the Island’s forests and on the surrounding coral reefs.

The sad part is the Bornean rainforest is slowly disappearing, which means this may be your last chance to see the indigenous species of proboscis monkeys and Orangutans in their natural habitat. Travellers exploring the Bornean mainland will find Orangutan rehabilitation centres and sanctuaries for closeup experiences which is well worth your time. For guests at Gaya Island Resort there is a variety of wildlife to see. During daily guided walks with the resident naturalist, wildlife enthusiasts may have the opportunity to spot the elusive Proboscis Monkeys, wild hogs, many varieties of tropical birds and more. The Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre, showcases conservation efforts by the resident marine biologist in preserving the ocean life of the island’s coral reefs and here guests can enjoy guided snorkel trails


Tanjong Jara Resort: Turtles 

Wildlife holidays to Tanjong Jara resort and Kenwood Travel

TIme it right, and you’ll see mother nature at her most magical on one of Tanjung Jara’s wildlife holidays

Sometimes you come across a resort that’s simply too good to be true. Located on the idyllic East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Tanjong Jara Resort features paradise at its most scenic. Guests staying here can indulge in cooking classes, spa treatments, sea views and more. But let’s face it: we’re all here for the wildlife. 

Tanjong Jara Resort offers travellers wildlife holidays of a lifetime, and in keeping with the YTL ethos this resort continues to preserve the beauty of its surroundings and look after the local wildlife. Tanjong Jara Resort, in partnership with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch, launched a turtle hatchery by the Nelayan restaurant. This serves to protect hatchling turtles from predators and allows guests to discover more about the turtles, the dangers they face and the conservation efforts made to protect their young from poachers with a goal of returning them to their natural habitat.

Holidaymakers to Tanjong Jara Resort also have a chance to get involved with nest inspections by day. During the nesting season (UK summer months) visitors may be fortunate enough to see adult turtles making their way up the beach to lay eggs. Plus visitors on snorkel and dive trips to the nearby Tenngol Island may also witness turtles swimming among the reefs – a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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