The Caribbean is synonymous with fabulous beaches. You head to any of the islands which make up this 200 mile wide stretch of beauty and you’ll definitely find some splendid sand to sit on and soak up the serene sunshine. Grenada is no different. You’ll be completely spoilt for choice when you touch down on this idyllic Caribbean paradise which offers visitors some 45 beach wonders to choose from. Of course, this means you have to actually make some decisions, because 45 beaches is far too much beach for man, woman or beast to make use of. Really what you need is some kind of list, a handy guide to which beach truly deserves your attention on a holiday in Grenada.

Grand Anse Beach

Made up of about two miles of sand-powdered coastline – give or take a grain or two – this beach is one of the most popular on the island and with good reason too. It’s not only one of the prettiest sand-based paradises in Grenada, it’s one of the most stunning in the whole Caribbean region. Sitting on the western side of the island, it’s pretty well sheltered, so gets plenty of attention from locals and visiting locals alike.

Morne Rouge Beach

If you’re looking for a more quiet sort of beach, then taking a trip down to the south of the island and feasting your eyes on Morne Rouge Beach is advised. It’s smaller than its western sister and a touch calmer. There are no watersports-related distractions and few hotels on the beach, so you can truly kick back and enjoy all the benefits of the Caribbean skyline.


Located quite close to the Point Salines International Airport, Magazine is a popular family destination. Pretty quite and secluded, visitors can go kayaking or snorkelling in the sea or enjoy the beach barbecue on offer at the nearby Aquarium Restaurant.

Bathway Beach

Another popular, if quite secluded beach, is Bathway which is located in the north-eastern part of the island. It is mainly locals who visit here, so some peace and tranquility away from the general tourist trail is pretty much guaranteed. It is also a lovely lookout post for those seeking to get a decent view of some of the surrounding Caribbean islands.

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