A holiday to Mauritius is most likely the closest any of us will ever get to paradise. Mauritius’ subtropical climate means that it’s the perfect holiday destination all year round, as air temperatures never fall below a warm 21°C, and the sea remains at least 23°C.

Due to the island’s location near the Tropic of Capricorn, Mauritius experiences only two seasons: winter and summer. There is a difference of around 4.3°C between the seasons, so depending on whether you want a sizzling beach holiday or a more active escape, choosing the right month for Mauritius holidays should be done with care.

Mauritius’ summer runs from November to April, and whilst the temperature is gloriously warm, the summer season is prone to rain and thunderstorms, and even on occasion, cyclones. However, cyclones are rare, and most rainfall occurs in short bursts, rather than the day-long stints we are used to in the UK! Winter in Mauritius is still very warm, but not as hot as summer, meaning you can take advantage of the warm weather but also enjoy hiking, golfing, and even horse-riding through the clear blue waters.

To help you choose the perfect time to visit Mauritius, we have created a Mauritius holiday planner, detailing month-by-month, the best times to go to Mauritius for different activities and holiday types. Please click the button below to view a larger version.

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When to go to Mauritius Infographic


Season: Summer

The first month of the year is the hottest and sunniest in Mauritius making it a very popular time to visit. Expect high temperatures and short and light bursts of rainfall. Visit now for SCUBA diving, dolphin spotting, and swimming.

Holiday types: Family holidays, romantic holidays, honeymoons

Activities to try: SCUBA diving, snorkelling, swimming, kayaking

 Events: Chinese New Year celebrations will be held in Port Louis’ Chinatown.


Season: Summer

February in Mauritius is very hot, with highs of around 30°C. This month is prone to short hard bursts of rain followed by brilliant sunshine. Visit now for windsurfing, swimming, and kayaking, as the sea temperature hits 28°C.

Holiday types: Family holiday, romantic holidays, honeymoons

 Activities to try: windsurfing, swimming, and kayaking

Events: The auspicious Hindu festival of Maha Shivaratri falls at the end of February.


Season: Summer

March is one of the most popular months to visit Mauritius. With constant high temperatures and warm seas, March is the perfect month for a Honeymoon. There is a chance of summer storms, but it is be rare if they affect a holiday.

Holiday types: Romantic holidays, honeymoons

 Activities to try: swimming with dolphins, whale watching, deep sea fishing, paddle boarding

Events: Holi Festival of Colours


Season: Summer

As the last month of summer and end of the warm season, April is cooler but the chance of rain is much smaller. Because of the milder temperature, April is best for shopping at the island’s markets, spotting wildlife, golfing, and walking.

 Holiday types: Romantic holidays, honeymoons, family holidays

 Activities to try: golf, shopping, birdwatching, walking

Events: Indian Ocean Rowing Race


Season: Winter

The official start of winter in Mauritius, activities such as hiking are best done now as temperatures are cooler at around 25°C. Only light rain will occur and the sea is still very warm.

Holiday types: Active holidays, active honeymoons, family holidays

Activities to try: hiking, walking, horse-riding, jogging

Events: Royal Raid, Duchess of York Cup (horseracing), Crossroads of Flavours Gourmet Food Festival


Season: Winter

Temperatures decrease in June to around 23°C, making it a perfect month to take a holiday to Mauritius for active breaks and action-packed honeymoons. Trekking, horse riding, parasailing, and kayaking are popular activities at this time of year.

Holiday types: Active holidays, active honeymoons, family holidays

Activities to try: visiting La Vanille Nature Park, wildlife spotting, parasailing, walking

Events: Ramadan occurs across June, however, restaurants will remain open and it’s perfectly acceptable for non-Muslims to eat and drink in public during daylight hours.


Season: Winter

July is officially in the ‘cold season’ and temperatures will drop to 21-23°C. The sea will still be warm, so activities such as SCUBA diving and snorkelling are perfect for this time of year. July is the perfect time to explore Mauritius’ attractions such as the Seven Coloured Earths sand dunes as it’s less busy.

Holiday types: Active holidays, active honeymoons, family holidays

Activities to try: windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, swimming

Places to visit: The Natural History Museum, the Seven Coloured Earths,


Season: Winter

August is a warmer month in the winter season, with highs of 24°C. The sea is still very warm making August the best month to visit for watersports activities. Kiteival, an annual kite surfing festival which takes place across 5 days, features some of the best kite surfers from around the world.

Holiday types: watersports holidays, active holidays, swimming holidays

Activities to try: windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, swimming

Events: Kite surfing festival Kiteival


Season: Winter

September is characterised by consistently warm weather of around 24°C, and the chance of rain is very low. This is the perfect time of year to visit Mauritius for a beach holiday, as the sea is warm and the days at their longest and most sunny.

Holiday types: beach holidays, family holidays, honeymoons, romantic holidays

Activities to try: swimming, exploring, birdwatching, horse-riding

Events: Father Laval Day, Hindu festival of Ganesha Chaturthi (sometimes in October)


Season: Winter

October is Mauritius’ springtime. The island’s National Parks such as Black River Gorges are at their most beautiful as flowers come into bloom and rare and colourful birds fill the skies. This is the perfect month to visit for a wildlife spotting holiday.

Holiday types: walking holidays, birdwatching holidays, wildlife holidays

Places to visit: Black River Gorges National Park and Bras d’Eau National Park

Events: Diwali, Hindu festival of lights


Season: Summer

November marks the start of the warm season and is the peak month for honeymoons to Mauritius. Long hours of daylight and rising temperatures make it the perfect time of year for a romantic beach holiday. Warm sea temperatures almost guarantee opportunities to spot dolphins and whales.

Holiday types: weddings, honeymoons, romantic holidays

Activities to try: swimming with dolphins, deep sea fishing, whale watching, snorkelling, SCUBA diving

Events: Kreol Festival

Places to visit: Trou aux Cerfs dormant volcano


Season: Summer

December is the best month to visit for guaranteed winter sun. Many locals and holiday-goers celebrate Christmas day with a BBQ on white sand beaches. The chance of rainfall increases in December, with light rain falling in short bursts.

Holiday types: beach holidays, weddings, honeymoons, Christmas holidays

Activities to try: swimming, fishing, windsurfing, boat trips

Events: New Year’s Eve parties

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