Eager viewers may be eyeing up the potential candidates for ITV’s next season of Love Island, but Kenwood Travel are a different bunch. Rather than seeking contestants, we’re searching for alternative islands to set the series. Majorca is a super location for a loved-up televised fling, but we’d like to suggest that ITV expand their horizons and try something new. To help them out, we’re presenting seven possible locations for the next series of Love Island. Which one has your vote?  

The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

Kenwood Travel's Love Island in Thailand.

Happy contestants prepping for their Kenwood Travel Love Island experience in Thailand.

Ah, these beautiful islands boast postcard-perfect beaches, tropical waters and lush jungles. Holidaymakers taking their Thailand holiday to the Phi Phi Islands will experience an exciting new world. Although a group of strangers banding together to form an isolated community here has been done before (Read The Beach by Alex Garland), this time we’re sure it will work out just fine. For the winners at least.

The House: Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort offers our contestants a beachfront location, spa facilities and seven restaurants and bars for that perfect couple’s date night – but only if they’re well behaved.

The Challenge: This isn’t a challenge for the faint of heart. Kenwood Travel’s contestants need to rent a kayak and paddle around the idyllic bays of the Phi Phi islands. They’ll need to spot as much of the colourful marine life as they can whilst exploring. The winning couple get to dine on delicious seafood at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort’s Marlin Restaurant (not connected to the aforementioned marine life.)

Sandals Cay in Jamaica

Kenwood Travel's Love Island in Jamaica.

Sandals Resorts are known for their luxury island experiences, and Royal Caribbean is no exception.

Jamaican charm combined with a private island would make a perfect Love Island setting. Our contestants’ holiday to Jamaica promises sun, sea and plenty of culture. Trust us: Jamaica has been voted the best holiday destination in the Caribbean thanks to its legendary music scene, delicious jerk cuisine and happy-go-lucky island spirit. 

The House: Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island in Montego Bay is luxury defined, featuring crystal waters and its own private island. That means holidaymakers here are truly cut off from the outside world for better or worse. We think better. 

The Challenge: The Caribbean is famous for its rum, and that’s where our challenge comes in. Make sure to sample as many of the delicious varieties as possible. But if you’re not a drinker, there’s an abundance of non-alcoholic punch that’s just as famous. And just as tasty. Bottoms up! 

Denis Island in Seychelles

Kenwood Travel's Love Island in Seychelles.

Forget the prize money. One reward nobody talks about on Love Island is.. well, love. But Denis Island can help with that.

Denis Island is an idyllic escape for our contestants. Proudly boasting the title of ‘The second Northeasternmost Island in the Seychelles,’ Denis Island is also the country’s most unspoiled gem, which is an accolade that’s slightly less of a mouthful. With 140 hectares of land populated by a modest 80 people, thick jungles and talcum-white beaches surrounded by sapphire-blue sea, this is the ideal island location for reality TV (and an even better spot for a Seychelles holiday.) 

The House: Denis Island‘s titular resort of course.  Not only does it grow its own produce, it also offers guests unique local spa treatments inspired by nature. How’s that for a reward? 

The Challenge: There are so many to choose from, including the spot-a-blue-whale-challenge (it’s easier than it sounds). We particularly like the idea of contestants taking the resort cooking classes and having a Great British Bake off — Indian Ocean style.  

Palm Island in St Vincent and The Grenadines

Kenwood Travel's Love Island in the Grenadines

This winning couple celebrate their victory after winning the relaxation-competition

Palm Island would prove to be a Caribbean dream for contestants on their reality TV getaway. Here’s another location where our Love Island contestants can only reach by boat, making this entry ideal for that remote vibe on our contestants’ Grenadines holiday. Despite its size, Palm Island is loaded with luxury throughout its 135 acres, and five gorgeous beaches. Contestants have company here too – Palm Island features an abundance of wildlife from geckos to sea turtles.

The House: Known as the perfect resort for two people in love, we reckon the All Inclusive Palm Island Resort & Spa is also ideal for encouraging single people to fall in love. Well. With the island if not the other contestants at least. 

The Challenge: Palm Island is the antithesis of challenge. Then again, the island is small enough to hold a kayak race around its coastline. Winner gets a day at Tranquility Body & Soul Spa. Ready.. set … go! 

Miniloc Island in the Philippines

Kenwood Travel's Love Island in the Philippines

A massage for the winning couple! Or just a daily indulgence at El Nido Miniloc Island for regular holidaymakers.

We nominated Miniloc Island for our Love Island list because in a word, it’s paradise. Think of those old castaway tales, jetties tucked away beneath limestone cliffs, cragged rocks awash with tropical greenery and secrets only the hardiest contestants can uncover. Oh, and could there be a better place for a date night than nearby Snake Island? We don’t think so. (Snake Island is more pleasant than the name suggests. Promise.)  

The House: El Nido Miniloc Island. This is what paradise looks like on postcards, only this is the real life. Ideal for our contestants’ upcoming holiday to the Philippines. 

The Challenge: Miniloc Island boasts three lagoons: Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon and a third secret lagoon aptly titled ‘Secret Lagoon’. Couples must work together to find it. The winners get to spend the rest of their day on the beach. Losers have to go snorkeling with the 1.5 metre Jack Fish. Actually, that sounds pretty good too. 

Sir Bani Yas Island in Abu Dhabi

Kenwood Travel's Love Island in Abu Dhabi

Love Island locals include giraffes, cheetahs and marine life if our contestants stay at Sir Bani Yas in Abu Dhabi

This underappreciated desert island doubles up as a national park. Local residents include wild giraffes, cheetahs, gazelles and more. At almost 90 km², it’s one of the largest islands on our list which means more room for challenges. Oh, and during our Love Island contestant’s downtime, there are sea kayak routes, a shipwreck and white sand beaches to explore. Bet you didn’t think you could do that on your Abu Dhabi holiday. 

The House: We love the spacious accommodation of Anantara Desert Islands Resort and Spa. And we love all the excursions it arranges even more. 

The Challenge: Anyone up for a treasure hunt? Of course you are, but it’s a loaded question because the entire island is gold. Just like what our favourite castaways from LOST learned, it’s the journey, not the destination that matters. OK, we’re confusing our TV shows again, but the message is the same. 

Dhidhoofinolhu in the Maldives

Kenwood Travel's Love Island in the Maldives

Of all the places to fall in love, be it on TV or otherwise, the Maldives is one of our favourites. 

Love is in the air for our Love Island contestants when they stay in the Maldives. Seeing our contestants take a holiday to the Maldives even gets us jealous. Out of the 1200 islands, only 300 are inhabited, leaving a vast choice of unforgettable breaks to choose for our next Love Island getaway. But we’re not ready to strand our contestants on a deserted stretch of beach just yet – we can’t have them having too much fun now, can we? Take a deep breath and try to pronounce this slowly: Our final Love Island pick is called Dhidhoofinolhu. 

The House: We take it back, we want to spoil out contestants. That’s why we’ve chosen LUX* South Ari Atoll for them to call their home. It’s an especially delicious option too, as it features ten world-class restaurants.

The Challenge: The first couple who can correctly pronounce Dhidhoofinolhu win a Dhidhoofinolhu-Dhidhoo-diving trip. Or snorkelling. Or a boat excursion. This resort offers its guests the whole bundle. 

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