The most Instagrammed places in the Maldives

The Maldives is perhaps one of the most lusted-after holiday destinations in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Search any social media site and you’ll come across millions of photographs of people’s dream Maldivian getaways, full of pristine sands, warm aqua seas and delicious food, all served from the very core of luxury. In fact, Instagram users have hashtagged ‘#Maldives’ almost three million times.

 The most popular Instagram hashtags for the Maldives

Set in the paradisal heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is world-renowned for its uniquely turquoise waters that shine jewel-like from immaculate beaches. Each of the 1,200 islands that comprise the archipelago is luxury defined, from the inhabited maritime towns to untouched tropical jungles and opulent private islands. Of course, luxury means something different to each of us, but the descriptions visitors use to describe the Maldives certainly hold several features in common. The most common hashtags used to describe the Maldives on Instagram are #SunnySideofLife, #Paradise, #IslandLife and #Honeymoon, which is a testament to the joy, relaxation and romance that a holiday to the Maldives brings.

Maldives hashtags

The most Instagrammed places in the Maldives

But with over a thousand islands to choose from, how do you decide where in the Maldives to spend your well-earned escape? Today, the internet is our primary resource for unbiased and authentic reviews. Blogs are certainly a valuable source; for example, Paul Johnson from A Luxury Travel Blog recommends JA Manafaru for its secluded feel and local touches, including a cellar made of Indonesian lava rock and traditional Boduberu bands as entertainment. However, one sure-fire way to find out the most highly regarded holiday destinations is undoubtedly via social media. These days, few people go on their travels without taking countless photos to share with the world via Instagram, so what better place to find out where to spend your Maldives holidays? From beachfront restaurants and water villas to world-class coral reefs, these are the most ‘Instagrammed’ locations in the Maldives.

Find your dream Maldives holiday by hashtag



#Kurumba – 19,302 posts

#KurumbaMaldives – 11,274

Top associated Twitter hashtag – #wedding


Kurumba is the original Maldivian private island resort, so it should come as no surprise that it is one of the most ‘Instagrammed’ locations in the Maldives. Kurumba may look modest from afar, but when you reach this intimate, pristine mecca, you’ll understand why so many people want to document their memories on this unique island. A popular destination for honeymooners escaping to paradise after their wedding, Kurumba exudes an atmosphere of romance, yet it is one that is relaxed, slow-paced and indulgent. Here, visitors marvel in the minute details, from snorkelling in Kurumba’s crystal-clear lagoon to savouring their morning coffee on a jetty stretching out into the sea.


#Niyama – 16,632

#NiyamaMaldives – 2,325

Top associated Twitter hashtag – #dolphins


Niyama boasts the title of ‘nature’s play area’, for truly nothing on this spectacular twin-island resort is off limits. This a luxury five-star resort like no other in the Maldives. Nestled among luscious tropical forests, Niyama welcomes visitors with its ivory-white sands and grand shorefront restaurants. There is even an underwater restaurant, Subsix, where guests can dine on delicious local dishes with unrivalled views of the colourful oceanic underworld. One of the unique elements that draws visitors to Niyama is that the resort is spread across two islands – one for families and another dedicated to couples. This means that you can relax into a perfectly crafted atmosphere with services tailored to your specific needs. Whether lounging around outside your exclusive water villa or relaxing on a local boat whilst spotting dolphins bobbing through the seas, you will have nothing to think about whilst staying in Niyama, other than taking in the moment. Although, of course, with such beauty in the surroundings, it’s impossible for visitors to Niyama to resist taking an Instagram shot – or several…


#Velassaru – 15,373

#VelassaruMaldives – 8,548

 Top associated Twitter hashtag – #love


Velassaru dubs itself ‘luxury undressed’, and this means more than simply spending your stay in your beachwear. This wonderful island somehow manages to be at once understated and opulent, a feat that only a truly special destination could achieve. Here, a delicate balance between breath-taking natural scenery and dazzling luxury facilities awaits, where you can step from state-of-the-art spas to stunning seascapes, home to mesmerising reefs, in mere moments. Couples love Velassaru because it offers the perfect balance of exciting adventures to try together and time to simply enjoy each other’s company. Snorkel in the warm waters and learn about the local sea life from the onsite marine biologist, or simply sit and admire the sunset from the gorgeous infinity pool.


#Baros – 15,199 posts

#BarosMaldives – 5,827

 Top associated Twitter hashtag – #honeymoon


Just a short speedboat ride from Malé airport brings you to Baros, a coral island of award-winning appeal. Easily accessible yet perfectly intimate, Baros is a highly sought-after destination for dream honeymoons. This will come as no surprise when you catch your first glimpse of the island, which is itself heart-shaped, implying romance from the moment you arrive. Here guests can truly escape everyday life, whether wandering among the hand-built water villas complete with luxury pools or relaxing on a lounging platform set out amid the sapphire-blue sea. A traditional warm welcome greets you in Baros, which has been owned by the same Maldivian family since it was opened in 1973. From days cruising on a traditional hand-crafted Maldivian sailing dhoni to evenings dining on fine food on the untouched sands of Baros’ beaches, staying on this island is understandably an experience visitors do not want to forget.


#Malé – 12,737 posts

#Malémaldives – 1,962

 Top associated Twitter hashtag – #Maldives


Malé is the capital of the Maldives, and for locals is a major symbol of the country’s fusion of cultures. Here, scenic beaches meet the bustling cultural centre, a hub from which every experience you can imagine is just a boat ride away. Whether you are looking for a serene escape or a vibrant adventure, Malé is well worth a visit. Immerse yourself in the tall, colourful buildings and bustling marketplaces that feel a million miles away from your secluded water villa, and sample some of the capital’s quirkier offerings, such as alcohol-free bars and the jazz café. In Malé you can learn about the Maldives’ history at the National Museum and Old Friday Mosque whilst really getting to know the local people who make this country what it is.

Vivanta by Taj

#VivantabyTaj – 11,368 posts

 Top associated Twitter hashtag – #nature


Vivanta by Taj is renowned as the Maldives’ ultimate tropical hideaway, but not just for sunbathing and champagne-sipping. This island offers a bounty of exhilarating experiences, from water sports to stingray feeding and even diving down to explore the island’s authentic shipwreck, which is now the fascinating arena of thousands of coral and fish. Back on shore, chic, modern design complements lush greenery and soft sands, all at your beck and call, whether you’re unwinding in the Jiva Spa or whizzing across the waters by speedboat.


#Laamu – 9,775 posts

#Laamuatoll – 3,615 posts

 Top associated Twitter hashtag – #travel


Laamu is the dream getaway for the eco-friendly explorer. Luxurious yet environmentally-sensitive villas appear to rise naturally from the sapphire seas and tropical palm trees of this resort, which is committed to offering a sustainable experience for visitors that nurtures the surrounding area and its local communities. Whether trying your hand at fly-fishing, wakeboarding and waterskiing, or discovering the beauty of the twilight ocean during a night dive, Laamu is sure to reveal countless memories to cherish.


#Thoddoo – 6,696 posts

 Top associated Twitter hashtag –#tropics


Thoddoo is a luxurious retreat for those seeking natural vistas, turquoise seas and, perhaps surprisingly, fruit. This island is the largest producer of watermelons in the Maldives, and its reputation for delicious food is deserved. This relatively quiet island is popular with scuba divers who seek interactions with turtles, manta rays and even sharks, before retreating to the shores of what may as well be their own private beach.


#Moofushi – 5,560 posts

Top associated Twitter hashtag – #paradise


Renowned as one of the most impressive diving areas in the world, Moofushi is the dream destination for those in search of a wildlife paradise. As one of the only resorts in the world to be entirely surrounded by its own reef, Moofushi attracts thousands of visitors who come to spot stingrays, sea cucumbers, lionfish, whale sharks, dolphins and much more. Sink your feet into the ‘Jewel Island’ sampling unforgettable activities from kayaking along the cobalt coast, to relaxing as you enjoy breakfast on a floating restaurant, and see if you can resist taking that perfect Instagram shot…

Bodu Hithi

#CocoBoduHithi – 4,681 posts

Top associated Twitter hashtag – #paradise


Stepping onto the island of Bodu Hithi is like setting foot in a veritable Eden. Promising to reignite your passion for the natural world, this island is famed for its pure white sands, understated chic accommodation and untouched jungles ready to explore. Dive deep into the coral garden below the azure shores, sip a hand-crafted cocktail from a coconut aboard a stunning sunset cruise or simply lounge on the beach and take in a show at the island’s atmospheric outdoor cinema. Bodu Hithi is nothing short of a tropical paradise, and this is how almost every Instagram shot of the location describes it.


#Guraidhoo – 4,073

Top associated Twitter hashtag – #sunset


Another esteemed diving destination can be found off the shores of Guraidhoo, but the legacy of the underwater regions does not end there. This inhabited island is a real hub of Maldivian culture, and is a testament to the locals’ relationship with the beautiful landscape they call home, with brightly-coloured houses made out of coral chunks lining the streets. Many visitors looking to escape the enclaves of the tourist-orientated areas of the Maldives take excursions to this charming town, with their ultimate goal being to experience the rainbow of colourful corals, starfish and other creatures beneath its crystal-clear waters.

Angsana Velavaru

#AngsanaVelavaru – 3,593 posts

 Top associated Twitter hashtag – #tropical


Angsana Velavaru is an enchanting island resort that draws visitors who are looking for the perfect fusion of exquisite luxury and traditional Maldivian touches. Here, immerse yourself in the azure waters and powder-soft sands of the gorgeous beaches of Velavaru, lazing beneath coconut palms and fruit trees. At the end of a long day of exploring this tropical island, your own personal paradise awaits in the form of your stunning in-ocean villa, suspended over glistening waters providing panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. This is truly a sanctuary of your own. Surprise awaits around every corner, with turtles inhabiting the sands, rays swimming along the shoreline and thatched roofs all adding to the charm of this eclectic yet perfectly elegant retreat.


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