Life in Mauritius is lolling on a sun-soaked beach and letting the azure waters wash over your toes. It’s all about relaxing, leaving the world behind and stepping into paradise. But did you know the island offers more than just beach-side tranquillity? You’ll find temples, museums and natural wonders that accentuate the island’s grace. Let’s take a look at some incredible things to do that make a Mauritius holiday even better.

Hit the Beach


Life is a beach, and Mauritius sports the best sandy (and pebbly) shores in the world.

This is the main reason why people take a holiday to Mauritius, and why not? The island is fringed by the best beaches in the world, and that’s why we’re starting our tour here. Take the picture perfect beauty of Ile aux Cerfs, the wild pebbled Riviere des Galets and everything inbetween. Bask in a world of calm, or feel the wind in your hair amid the warm Mauritian sunshine: whatever you’re after, there’s a beach for you. Make sure to take a deep gulp of air and inhale the smell of the sea. Our top pick hotel: Trou Aux Biches

Visit the Carmel Caramel Grounds

Let’s head north into the heart of the island. No holiday to Mauritius is complete without witnessing The Seven Coloured Earths. You can’t walk on this geological formation, but there’s ample space to see it from the side-lines, and what a sight it is: veined, lumpy and resembling a miniature mountain range. Afterwards, take a step back and remind yourself that you’re still on planet Earth. Our top pick hotel: Paradis Hotel & Golf Club

Experience Le Morne Brabant

Le Mourne Brabant pins down the Southern tip of the island, yet blends its paperweight appearance with a fluttering free spirit. The mountain dances; it twists clockwise, ascending towards the crystal blue skies above. Verdant greenery clings to it walls, but the higher the peak grows, the more shrubbery is flung off to join the mist of trees below. The view from the top sees the refreshing greens, yellows and whites of the land, but the true spectacle lies beyond. Azure sea drifts into the horizon and vanishes beneath a glittering sun. This is a must see on any Mauritius trip. Our top pick hotel: Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa

Explore the Gardens & Temples

A horticultural haven, the SSR Botanic gardens exhibit a host of flora from across the world.  Take note of the varying shapes and sizes of the sealing wax, Sugar, Toddy, and Raffica Palms, or try to spot the Marmalade Box Tree, the Fish Poison Tree and the Sausage Tree. Once you’re finished with them, you’re in the ideal spot to visit the stunning temples located nearby. Tamil Surya Oudaya Sangam Temple and Maheshwarnath Temple are both jaw-dropping feats of religious architecture that emphasise the sculpting talent that went into creating them. Our top pick hotel: Outrigger Mauritius

Discover the Ancient Seven Pyramids

Journeying along the south of Mauritius takes you to a collection of ancient pyramids. Seven of them in fact. Standing only a few metres tall, these landmarks are diminutive yet fascinating structures. It’s interesting to note how similar these pyramids are to those on Tenerife. On both islands the pyramids are part of a complex, grouped together in one location and made from lava stone. It’s easy to get lost in their mysteries. Our top pick hotel: Shanti Maurice

Learn How to Fly

Take off from the sea at Outrigger Mauritius

Kite surfing or parasailing is a must for adrenaline-seekers on a Mauritius holiday

This final entry breaks the rules a bit, because rather than seeing one attraction, you’re seeing everything. If gazing upon the jungles from above and discovering ancient civilisations isn’t enough, give para-sailing a shot. Instead of watching the turquoise sea you’ll fly over it, passing the incredible attractions Mauritius offers with a new perspective. Overlooking these large farmland plateaus fringed with jungles and the famous azure sea of the Indian Ocean is a true pleasure. Why see only six sights when you can see them all? Our top pick hotel: Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa

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