It comes to no surprise that the best hotels in the world offer the best hotel rooms. Still, you can always find some little details that make a room unique and highly special, regardless of how much it costs.

But, what makes a hotel room perfect? Like everything else, this comes down to personal preferences. Some people go mad for classic furniture and old-timey grandeur, whereas others might prefer hi-tech gadgets and state-of-the-art design. Nevertheless, what is understandable is that a night in a hotel must feel extraordinary, magical, and far better than if you were staying at your own home.

Here are a few features that contribute to making a hotel room perfect:

Breathtaking views

One might argue that a view is just a view, and if you just want to see something nice you always have the TV. But there is nothing more depressing than having a window facing a wall or a bleak parking lot while on holiday. On the other hand, having spectacular vistas of the ocean or an urban landmark is always worth the extra price.

The Bridge Suite at Atlantis the Palm, placed above the signature arch of this mega luxurious hotel, features floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf.

As for city chic, the Terrace Studio Suites at The Setai Fifth Avenue in New York City have a private balcony with an outdoor lounge. Expect spectacular vistas of Midtown Manhattan including the neighbouring Tiffany’s, the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre.


Is it better to remember a room for how bad it was, rather than not remembering it at all? Maybe not, but what is clear is that no-one likes to stay in those characterless, exchangeable, boring rooms that make you feel like you’re recovering from a minor operation instead of being on holiday.

We welcome charismatic, extravagant and unforgettable hotel rooms. The Royal Plaza Suite at The Plaza in New York is definitely one of those. It features an elaborate array of private and social rooms, all inspired by the ambiance of the royal court of Louis XV, no less. Maybe monsieur and the mademoiselle want a grand piano, a lavish dining room for up to 12 guests and a library stocked with books selected by the founder of luxury publisher Assouline? Voilà, you’ll have it all at the Royal Plaza Suite.

But if you really want to live a supra-sensorial experience, try the Harvey Parker Suite at the Omni Parker House in Boston. It’s not only the in-suite jacuzzi and the handful of US presidents who have visited it  – including Roosevelt, Kennedy and Clinton – what makes this place so exclusive, is the ghost of Harvey Parker, who founded the hotel back in the 19th century. It’s said that the hotel is haunted by his ghost – at least you’ll have plenty of room in this suite to accommodate it.

Incredible bathrooms

Bathroom facilities in top hotels are light years away from the humble shower with hot water. The Palace Suite at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi features an exquisite marble laden bathroom with a silver-ornate raised jacuzzi and a rain shower unit. The amenities are provided by Hermes.

Bellagio in Las Vegas is our next stop, which can only mean over-the-top excess. Forget about the solarium, indoor gardens, fireplace, fountain, bar and 24-hour butler service: what sets the Chairman Suite apart are its two perfectly private marble bathrooms with mother of pearl inlays, Jacuzzi and Swiss steam showers.

There are many other features that add up, of course. In your opinion, what makes the perfect hotel room? – feel free to comment below.

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