Phew, we’re worn out. After three days of our Total Fitness Week we’ve recommended the year-round activities of The BodyHoliday LeSPORT on the tropical island of Saint Lucia, we’ve ventured deep into the mountains of Malaysia to find the ultimate hotsprings spa at The Banjaran, and we’ve looked at the perfectly balanced, personally customised diets of Shanti Maurice in Mauritius.

So now we’ve covered the work and rest, what about the play?

Allow us to introduce you to the engrossing, award-winning world of Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach.

Total Fitness Week with Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa

Total Fitness Week: Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa

Canyon Ranch is a striking image to say the least. This super-modern set of towers appears like a giant game of Tetris overlooking world-famous Miami Beach. It is an Art Deco-style façade that is as graceful as it is imposing. As a feat of design – inside and out – Canyon Ranch deserves every bit of praise. Better still, Canyon Ranch offers its guests the chance to party and be healthy.

This might seem like somewhat of an oxymoron, but let’s face it nobody flocks to Miami Beach for some quiet time. At least at Canyon Ranch, which covers everything from dedicated workout routines, beach yoga and fitness classes, beach boot camps and conditioning sessions, detailed, balanced diet design and a healthy take on those naughty indulgences, you can afford to go out and keep the belly at bay.

The state-of-art gym features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Atlantic coast. It’s a sensational sight that cannot help but bring out the Rocky montage within you.

Total Fitness Week in Miami at Canyon Ranch

It is ultimately the fun of the resort that creates its wonderful and relaxed ethos that is nonetheless dedicated to your health and fitness. The resort has its own climbing wall, and concierges will be happy to organise tennis, golf, kayaking or surfing locally. You can try everything from casual play and beginners’ classes learning the ropes, to professional-level training and competition.

The onsite spa and wellness centre is an award-winning haven, and Canyon Ranch employs physicians and healthcare professionals to look at your overall lifestyle fitness. It’s a very scientific, very precise means of getting the better you. Taking into account your diet and exercise regimes, and physical laboratory data collected on site, you leave this resort with an entire lifestyle overhaul, as the professionals open your eyes to the little changes that can make all the difference.

Canyon Ranch represents a meeting of scientifically proven Eastern health techniques in a wholly Western way. Its interior design is powerful, its staff are inspiring and its location is quite simply one of the coolest places on the planet.

Kenwood Travel is delighted to offer the following package price on Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa.

Based on travel in May:

– 5 nights

– Flights with Virgin Atlantic

– From £1,099 per person

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