Thrill-seekers everywhere, your bucket list is about to get even longer! Anyone with vertigo however, you might want to look away now, these crazy adventures are definitely not for you. In fact, they’re enough to induce sweating palms and tingling toes in even the bravest among us. Brace yourself for the 7 most insane experiences worldwide:

1. Mount Huashan Plankwalk, China

This death-defying walkway on China‘s Mount Huashan tops our list, and for good reason. With just a safety harness, one single chain to hold onto and a couple of questionable, wonky wooden footpaths, those hiking this trail can walk the 6,000 ft high plank along the edge of the mountain whilst enjoying the most breathtaking (and terrifying) view imaginable. There is however only room for one on the plank meaning that in order to let others pass you’ll have to lean backwards, hovering yourself over the immense drop into the deep gorges below – that or pin yourself protectively against the rock-face and hope others go around you. At the end of the courageous sky-high feat the path actually leads to nowhere, forcing adventurers to do the horrifying journey all over again.

plankwalk ladder

2. Dine in the Sky, Las Vegas

Apparently all food tastes better with a side of fear. Strap yourself into your chair and enjoy some fine dining at a table suspended 180 ft in the air. The floating restaurant offers unparalleled open-air views of the Vegas strip. In the centre of the the sky-bound table is a platform upon which the waiters and chefs work, which is even equipped with an oven.

3. Big Rush Rope Swing, South Africa

When we think of holidays to South Africa we tend to think of wildlife, safaris, the Big 5… not hurling yourself from the top of a FIFA World Cup football stadium and swinging through the stands nearly 400 ft above the pitch! But believe it or not this is actually possible at the Durban Moses Mabhida Stadium. Those brave enough to try this epic rope swing must climb the stadium’s steel beam (550 steps in total) to the very top. From here they’ll have a breathtaking birds-eye view of the stadium before leaping off the platform and flying through it! It’s certainly a unique experience.

South Africa Rope swing

4. CN Tower Edge Walk, Canada

Get your heart pounding on your holiday to Canada in this adrenaline-fuelled activity which gives visitors the chance to walk around one of the tallest buildings in the world on a narrow pathway as they gaze down at the knee-shaking view of Lake Ontario from the 116th floor. The experience broke a world record for the highest external walk on a building, meaning that participators are repeating a world record by completing it. As part of the nerve-shattering challenge visitors pose for the classic Edge Walk group photo, dangling themselves over Toronto with arms outstretched and toes barely touching the platform.

5. Bloukrans Bridge Bungee, South Africa

For most, just walking atop this 709 ft tall bridge is enough adventure, for others though there’s always jumping off it! The Bloukrans bridge bungee is the tallest commercial bridge jump in the world. It is also conveniently located in one of the most scenic locations in all of South Africa – the Garden Route, so you’ll have incredible views during your face first plunge to the ground. Plus, you’ll be bungeeing like royalty since the wildest member of our royal family, Prince Harry, once completed this crazy jump!

6. Skydive in Dubai

Sure, you can skydive anywhere, but skydiving over Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah definitely gives some of the most fantastic views on your stomach-churning drop, and makes for the most epic skydive photos ever! Frankly though, we’d rather our luxury holidays to Dubai had more of that world famous Middle Eastern relaxation and less, erm… falling from planes.

7. World’s Steepest Rollercoaster, Japan

The King of all rollercoasters resides at Japan‘s Fuji-Q Highlands amusement park by Mount Fuji. The photoshopped-looking rollercoaster’s maiden voyage took place in 2011 and since then has become a must-do for daredevils around the world. Famed for the 121 degree drop which makes it the steepest ride in the entire world, The Takabisha promises the scariest 112 seconds of your life.



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