A Dubai holiday to Burj Al Arab Jumeirah takes you within Dubai’s dhow sail. Its modern design is already a city landmark. Since 1999, the ‘world’s only 7-star hotel’ possesses the same romance, style and impact as the greatest buildings of our time. And this Spring, the sails billowed as it cruised towards sublimity. The most luxurious hotel in the world just got more luxurious. They’ve improved a masterpiece, but the question is how?

You might know it from the lavishly decorated interiors, luxurious service, romantic suites, gold-plated iPads, and aquatic restaurants. Maybe you recognise its helipad from Tiger Woods teeing off, Ronan Keating’s music video for ‘Iris,’ or David Coulthard performing doughnuts in his Red Bull F1 Car. Or possibly you’ll know of its incredible design, with the tallest atrium in the world at 180m. All we know is that as of June 2016, the Burj al Arab has changed.


The new-look Burj Al Arab with ‘The Terrace’ is a stunning sight on a holiday to Dubai.

Last February, a prodigious 10,000 square meter deck travelled to Dubai to become part of Burj Al Arab. With its design, transportation and scale, and at 5000 tonnes, the deck is a world first. Built at a specialised cruise ship and yacht production facility in Finland, the eco-friendly “Terrace” sailed across the ocean, and in June 2016, it opened to Burj Al Arab Jumeirah guests. A Dubai holiday has never been more exciting. Developed in six sections, the North Deck was made with environmental technology and marine installation. Once it arrived in Dubai, a crane lifted and lowered it onto a grid of 90 steel piles. After completion, the deck spread 100 meters out into the Persian Gulf, forever changing Burj Al Arab, and indeed Dubai’s landscape. Guests were spared from the construction itself, meaning there was minimum disruption during their stay, and the Persian Gulf’s coral reefs remained undisturbed. Moreover, the new deck aims to provide artificial shade for a new reef and marine life below. This is no mean feat.


The two infinity pools means guests using the Terrace get incredible views of the Persian Gulf.

The deck includes four 15 square meter Jacuzzis, two swimming pools, and 400 sun loungers. There’s 32 cabanas of which eight are first class with sea and deck views, toilets and showers. Spread over two floors, the North Deck’s sun-kissed upper level has swim-up bars, and a choice between taking a dip in either salt or fresh water pools. The Santa Monica style restaurant sees relaxed dining which has spacious terrace seating with 180 covers. Keeping in line with Burj Al Arab’s quality, token fresh ingredients and vibrant colours makes the cuisine mouth-watering. Better yet, the restaurant is open to anybody taking a Dubai holiday. This joins the nine restaurants already featured in Burj Al Arab. From underwater wonders to sky-top views.

Going on a holiday to Dubai with Kenwood Travel will let you experience the incredible North Deck first hand. Booking now means you’ll be amongst the first people to visit something the first of its kind, in a city that’s constantly evolving.

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