Can you imagine how convenient would be to phone up someone and say Hello, make my trip. Organise every aspect of my holiday because I have no time for checking a million websites and because I trust you?

Well, that someone is us, Kenwood Travel. With over 35 years worth of experience in providing personalised, tailor-made holidays at very competitive prices, we can proudly say we’re in the best position to help you organise your trip. From plane tickets and hotels to insurance and attraction tickets, everything will be looked after by our team of agents.

We know how frustrating is being faced with an overwhelming number of options and online services that promise you the best deal on, say, a holiday to Mauritius. So we go straight to the point and give you what you need. Just give us your planned dates and budget. Simple. You’ll get a hassle-free, dream holiday in the Indian Ocean.

Now contact Kenwood Travel or dial 0207 7499 220. Pick up the phone and imagine you’re Harry Callaghan and in need of a holiday fix. Go ahead, make my trip!

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