Here at Kenwood we deal in a lot of luxury holiday packages. And as a writer here I end up using the word luxury quite a bit. The phrase can become somewhat self-sterilising. It is, of course, a subjective notion. Luxury encompasses anything from Bentleys to bath salts. And with hotels, the scale gets infinitely wider. However, I may have found my interpretation of its meaning. Put bluntly, I want to go to St Lucia.

As I’m sure you can imagine I see a great deal of luxury holiday resorts that leave me, well, salivating to be honest. Especially when outside of the window I now see flakes of snow (that’s London snow, by the way; it’s more annoying than picturesque), while on my screen are sandy beaches of much the same colour. I see a lot of pictures of sandy beaches too; however, St Lucia is something else. And it is here, I may have found my ultimate luxury holiday.

Here we find Jade Mountain, and also its sister resort Anse Chastanet. These two are respectively on a hillside and on a secluded beachfront below.

So imagine waking up to a perfectly framed view of the awe-inspiring Twin Pitons, the famous towering rock formations that pierce from the St Lucia’s crystal blue lagoon waters. Imagine then that your room has no fourth wall. There is nothing to separate you and your bed from this spectacular view than air and your own personal infinity pool. It’s as if the floor beneath your feet simply pours into the ocean below, and I’d imagine you would feel like going with it.

Jade Mountain has a spectacular design, with a series of interlinking bridges. It is perched within the tropical hillside like the secluded headquarters of an evil Bond villain. Perhaps one that wanted to do away with all that stress of taking over the world.

I could imagine nothing more wonderful than to be pampered from the Kai en Ciel and Kai Belté spas in amongst babbling mountain brooks and thick tropical flora, overlooking that stunning seascape. Afterwards perhaps head down to the beach at Anse Chastanet for a sport of snorkelling in this, apparently one of the most incredible coral reefs on the planet. Maybe take a mountain bike and explore even further. Or maybe just sit back in the hilltop restaurant and eagerly wait for sunset.

Yep, luxury like this I could definitely get used to. I could go on, but that would detract from all that sledging I’ve been looking forward to.

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